“Since starting my business in 2004, I have worked with Mark and the staff from Surety Bonds closely. As a heavy highway construction company, we are required to follow strict guidelines for bonding. Surety Bonds has always taken care of bonding with no worries and stress on my end. The office staff is very helpful and Mark is there whenever we need him. As my business has grown over the last 11 years, Surety Bonds has been there for us. It’s a great feeling having a family relationship with a company that will look out for you and your interests. I look forward to many more successful years with Surety Bonds.”

Brandie Scott
BUDS, Inc.

“Gayle is a seasoned bond professional with a balanced approach and skill set that includes strong customer focus and proficient underwriting acumen. Gayle leads and counsels clients through sound advice on how to build relationships with surety underwriters and maximize their surety programs. She has been a reliable “go to” producer for the WesExpress program since its inception in 2014.”

Michael D. Hickey, CPCU, AFSB
WesExpress Program
Westfield Insurance

“Mark Drengler and the staff at Surety Bonds & Insurance are experienced, professional and committed to providing a high level of quality service to their surety clients. Throughout Westfield’s history, the quality of independent agents has always been an asset, an advantage and a benefit to customers.  Westfield’s relationship with Mark spans over 25 years, which is a testament to the strong emphasis he places on fostering long-term business relationships with his clients and business partners.”

Frank Moulos
Regional Surety Leader
Westfield Group

“We have enjoyed a great relationship with Surety Bonds through three generations of the Miller family. Their timely, high quality work along with their professional support and attention to detail make Mark and his team more than just a surety broker. They have been a true partner in the growth and success of our company. They are a great benefit to us as the navigators in the ever changing construction market.”

Bradley D Miller
Miller Bros. Const., Inc.

“Since 2008, Surety Bonds has been exclusively responsible for Solutionwerks’ bonding needs. Originally selected due to their willingness to listen to our needs and their competitive bonding premiums, Solutionwerks continues to use Surety thanks to their outstanding service. In 2013, when Solutionwerks headquarters moved from Ohio to Pennsylvania, the decision was made to stay with Surety thanks to their unwavering commitment to our business.”

Dennis Derr
President and General Manager
Solutionwerks, Inc.

“Bonding needs for contractors can be an unnecessarily complex process, especially if the Bonding Agent doesn’t have a good grasp on what the contractor’s business entails. By taking the time to understand our needs, Surety Bonds has built an outstanding relationship that is beneficial for both companies.”

Mark E. Trucco
Trucco Construction Company, Inc.

“Surety Bonds knowledge of the construction industry and the needs of their clients allows them to provide top-notch service to each client according to their specific needs. The entire staff would go to any lengths to fulfill the client’s needs and it shows with more than 20 years of service to Hi Way Paving without fail. Surety Bond’s portfolio allows them to perfectly match the best surety to each client in a timely and professional manner.”

Charles Keith
Hi Way Paving, Inc.

“Thank you for outstanding service and watching out for us. It’s great to have a company like Surety Bonds on your side.”

Jeff Chaffin
Corporate Secretary and Treasurer
Mullins Construction Company

“33 years ago we made the decision to use Surety Bonds as our bonding agency and haven’t looked back since. We have enjoyed their great service, loyalty and friendliness with each of our projects. Surety Bonds is dependable and looking back it was one of our better decisions.”

Neil McFadden
Smith Paving

“When you do business with Mark Drengler of Surety Bonds & Insurance you are doing business with a consummate surety professional, and one of the leading surety bond agents in the country.  Mark is knowledgeable and experienced, and treats everyone he represents not just as a client, but also as a friend.  He has a staff of experienced and professional associates who are always focused on the best interests of their clients.  The thorough and professional manner in which Mark conducts business results in close partnerships with the surety and insurance markets with which he writes business, allowing him and his staff to provide excellent service to their clients.   The Guarantee is a proud partner of Mark Drengler and his team at Surety Bonds & Insurance.”

The Guarantee
The Guarantee Company of North America USA

“Capitol Tunneling, Inc. and Surety Bonds & Insurance Agency, Inc. have had a tight-knit working relationship since 1987. Mark and his staff at SBI take personal interest in the success of Capitol Tunneling and have far exceeded our needs on several levels. Not only has the SBI team met our requirements as it relates to our bonding needs, but they have also provided advisory services to aide in the success of our 55 year old family owned construction business. Mark Drengler and the staff at SBI are always ready to react to anything that arises.”

Kyle Lucus
Capitol Tunneling, Inc.