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Items Needed For Submission

  • Last 3 fiscal year-end CPA prepared financial statements including schedules of completed and uncompleted contracts
  • Aging of accounts receivable as of the most recent fiscal year-end
  • Most recent interim financial statement including schedules of completed and uncompleted contracts
  • Aged schedule of accounts receivable concurrently dated with interim financial statement
  • Most recent tax return for the business
  • Financial statements for all affiliated companies. If financial statements are not prepared, provide latest tax returns
  • Personal financial statements for all owners
  • Contractor’s questionnaire. A recently (last 3 years) completed questionnaire on any surety’s form is acceptable.
  • Letter from bank indicating amount, security and expiration date of line of credit. Copy of promissory note and security agreement is also sufficient
  • Resumes of key owners and employees
  • Copy of corporate buy/sell agreement including details of life insurance on key individuals
  • Copy of your written business plan (if available)

Any reference letters and/or company brochures or literature that you feel will help present your company in the best light possible